Playgrounded is a playground inspired collection of furniture and home accessories that brings light-hearded and meaningful engagement into its utility and contributes to the conversation on the need for more adult play.  Playgrounded is designed to exist as an exhibition that will provide a fun touchpoint and reconnect for anyone who comes through the gallery's doors.

Playground by James Mollison

So for those that don't know, I am beginning research and development for my senior thesis collection.  With constant inspiration from play and an addiction to fun, I am basing my collection around "adult play." 

Thru my first deep dive into research I stumbled upon a fantastic photo series by James Mollison that captures the mood and energy of my intended direction.


Throughout the next several months, you can expect to see a whole lot of snippets and process of my collection coming your way!

Pierre et en plastique

With an idea in mind, I began sketching.  I tried to relate back to ancient motifs whenever possible.



Concept Model + Rendering

Concept Model + Rendering

After an interdisciplinary critique, a lot of feedback and insights were provided.  There isn't enough interaction between the stone and plastic.  The colors and material need to be reevaluated.


For the past three months, I have been studying in Lacoste, France.  Most of my time has been allocated into a bio-inspired design course (aka Biomimicry).

Without an outlet for furniture or personal design in general, I wanted to have an independent study in Provence marble building history and design a collection of furniture around it.  Once I get to a place with resources, maybe I will look into fabrication.


Based on the Provencal landscape, the aim of these designs is to explore the relationship between the earth and sky, the past and present, and the organic and synthetic.  On a given day in southern France, howling winds coast through the scenery and over the eras the same winds have shaped the earth in its path.  I examined the ancient stone working methods of the historic peoples of the region while referencing ancient design as it is juxtaposed with contemporary material and design innovation.  My design must be a synthesis of ancient and contemporary while integrating stone and inflatable plastic to create a conceptual collection of furniture.