Tinkering: II - What the heck is a shuttle?

  This is a shuttle.

This is a shuttle.

  This is also a shuttle, but not for my purposes.

This is also a shuttle, but not for my purposes.




a device in a loom for passing or shooting the weft thread through the shed from one side of the web to the other, usually consisting of a boat shaped piece of wood containing a bobbin on which the weft thread is wound.


This video was a great tool because I didn't have a clue that there were different types of shuttles for different operations.  With that being said, it looks like the boat shuttle is what I want to pursue and expand upon.

Another great resource for type descriptions and details is here.

Another problem is posed: which mechanism will the filling string be loaded on?  The most commonly used tool is a bobbin that is 4 in. long.

Typical Shuttle Dimensions:

Length: 10.5 - 14 in.

Width: 1.5 - 3 in.

Depth: 1 - 2 in.

i.e. 11.5 in. long shuttle for 4 in. bobbin

What next?

Time to concept and sketch.

Things to consider: bobbin space, curvature of shuttle, lifts at either end, ergonomics, and materiality.